It’s been two weeks since the surgery and I have to say it’s not been half as bad as I imagined. I do realise that I still have a long way to go and I won’t really know how everything is until I have my follow-up appointment in January, but at least now I feel a bit better about having the right arm done sometime in the future. However I know it will be more difficult as I am right-handed, but at least I know what to expect.

Since my last post I have managed to put on my own socks and a sports bra (front fastening), and put in my earrings without help, and I have been out on the bus and made a sandwich. Such small things I know but they have all been small steps in the right direction.

I went to have my stitches out this morning only to find that they used dissolving ones – so it was only the steri-strips which needed to be removed.  Before and after pictures below – the lines on the second photo are where the steri-strips were placed and these will soon disappear.  i will post an updated photo in a week.Before and after stitches removed