I had my first appointment with the physiotherapist today – not quite two weeks after the surgery. Everything seems to be going well so I’ve been given another exercise to do and then once the stitches come out I can start weaning myself off the sling. Just for 10-15 mins or so at first, long enough to eat a meal or make a sandwich I guess.

I don’t really have any pain as such, mostly stiffness and a bit sore – the right shoulder is giving me more pain at the moment as it’s doing all the work and its a bit worn out anyway.

I plan to go out on the bus tomorrow – what an adventure! I am aiming to go back to work on Monday 14th if everything continues to improve so I need to get used to travelling by bus again.

I will give you an update on Friday once the stitches are out – and if you are lucky you may even get a picture 🙂