I recently had my ‘final’ review at the outpatients clinic where I have been a regular visitor for the past four years. I had three x-rays taken of each shoulder and after a check on those plus range of movement, strength etc I was told that I was doing incredibly well.  The left shoulder is still a bit stiffer and more painful than the right one, but its only to be expected after having surgery to repair torn rotor cuff tendon only four weeks after shoulder replacement surgery.  I mentioned the ‘clicking’ in my left shoulder but it doesn’t seem to be a concern and it may just continue to do this from time to time.

I did admit that I had got out of the habit of doing my exercises and got some advice as to how to try and fit more in during the day, eg shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls.  I am also finding that lying for too long on one side causes stiffness the following day and some general pains but all in all I’m happy with the surgery, I have a good range of movement, can fasten my bra behind my back and raise both arms above my head – which is way more than I could do four years ago.

I am aware of the fact that I may have to have both shoulders replaced one day but I will do my best to look after these ones so that they last as long as possible.

Some people think that because i have two ‘false’ shoulders I am disabled – I say that they make me bionic!

Thanks for reading – if you have any stories or tips you wish to share with other facing the same surgery just send me a message via the Contact Me page and I will include it somewhere in this blog.