I had my appointment with the consultant today and despite my fears he is quite happy with my current level of healing. I did express my concern that it is still REALLY SORE, but he said that its only to be expected after two shoulder operations.

My physio starts again next Tuesday and this time I must take it really slowly.  I will be back for review in clinic in three weeks but until then I am in the hands of the physio and will take advice from them as to what and what not to do. I completely forgot to ask him if I could try to put in my contact lenses so I will ask that question on Tuesday. However I have been told that I no longer need to wear the “gastric band”, although the sling will remain in place at least until my next clinic appointment. The dressing is now off and I’ve been given the go ahead to stop wearing the socks – Yippee! Now i can have a lovely shower. 😀

Maybe there is a ray of light at the end of this very long tunnel!