Today is the 4th Anniversary of my second (right) shoulder replacement).  I have a good range of movement however as I have not been very good with my exercises the past few months (lack of motivation), I am noticing some pain and stiffness, not just in my shoulders but in elbow, wrists, fingers, hips etc.  I suspect that arthritis is now affecting most of my joints and I realise that I now need to make a real effort to get back into exercise before problems get any worse.

Very recently I was pointed in the direction of the Versus Arthritis website which has relatively new programme called “Let’s Move With Leon”.  This runs over 12 weeks and since receiving my first link on Thursday I have managed to complete the 30-minute class every day.  The exercises are not difficult, but I can see how it they will be beneficial if I can keep them up.  The Versus Arthritis website also has exercises for various parts of the body.  It’s worth a look if you are an Arthritis suffer, I’m now looking forward to receiving the link to Week 2.

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