My (almost) six-week review yesterday went well with the consultant being quite happy at how quickly I’ve gone from being unable to lift my hand to being able to hold it vertically above my head. As it is still early days yet he is not concerned about the soreness around the back of my arm and I just have to continue with the physio and ask their advice about when I can get out of the bath etc.

I expressed my concerns about my now clicky left shoulder and was able to demonstrate this quite well as my shoulder obliged with loud clicks on certain movements. He said not to worry about it at the moment as it has been working hard these last six weeks however at my next appointment in three months time they will get x-rays of both shoulders to see what’s happening. In the meantime it is OK to go away on holiday. 🙂

I went back to work today and managed the whole morning without my sling and without any pain or aching. I can leave the sling off most of the time however, it has been advised that I keep it on while travelling on buses and at night for another couple of weeks. Still, at least I got rid of the socks!

My book is going down well at the hospital with both the consultant and physiotherapists agreeing that it is really useful and they are going to pass them around. In addition, I would just like to inform you that this week I reached 1,000 visitors to this blog – thank you all for your support.