I woke with pain this morning for the first time in weeks. I guess it’s a warning that I need to slow down – but it’s easier said than done. It’s a busy time of year for everyone but why does EVERYONE need to get a bus the same time as me? The streets and shops are crowded and as for trying to shop with one arm in a sling, well let’s just say it’s no fun. So it’s no surprise to me that the stress of attending appointments as well as Christmas appears to have made the fibromyalgia symptoms worse and hence the pain.

Rant over now moving on to the update. My progress is continuing as is the physio, although I can no longer find the time for three rounds of exercises a day at least I’m managing two. This week saw the first ponytail for months as I can now put both hands behind my head. It’s just a pity the weather is damp and cold as I’m sure I could hang the washing out now 😀

I will be having my last physio appointment of the year on Wednesday so hopefully I may even get some different exercises. I’ll post an update next week but in the meantime Merry Christmas to everyone – especially those of you who have had replacements this year 🍷