Can you believe that its one year today since my first operation? In some ways i feel as though I’ve been wearing a sling constantly since then and in others the time seems to have flown by. Looking back it’s not been an easy year, the left shoulder having to recover from two operations four weeks apart then having to take over the role as the dominant arm as the right one deteriorated. Hopefully I have now turned a corner, although the left shoulder is still sore one year on, the right one is so much better than it was four weeks ago before the surgery. My exercises are getting easier and the pain which kept me awake at night has now gone, although the shoulder is still sore and I expect it will be for some weeks yet.

I see the physio this week and the consultant at the end of the month, then I will probably go back to work, although I have been doing some work from home and popping in with Steve on a Sunday last couple of weeks.

It would be great if we could go on holiday for New Year but it depends on what the consultant says on 30th.