As I sat eating my breakfast this morning it was hard to remember that four weeks ago I was unable to lift a spoon to my mouth as the pain was so bad – and I realised that I’m heading into the ‘danger zone’.

Four weeks after my first replacement I ‘forgot’ I’d had an operation and with one flick of the duvet cover I was back to square one. I think its even more dangerous this time as its my right arm and being right-handed its only natural to use that arm now that it’s no longer giving me any pain, so even though I am now able to leave the sling off for longer periods I shall be wearing it if I feel that there is any opportunity for me to ‘accidentally’ do something silly. Although my arm is still sore the bruising has almost disappearedĀ and the wound is healing nicely. I will update the Gallery later with photos.

I’m back to physio on Tuesday and I can see an improvement in the movements I’ve been given so I will probably be moving on to the next level of exercises.