I woke up very early and very grumpy this morning as I had an uncomfortable night and Humphrey (cushion) kept falling out of the bed so I had to keep getting out of bed to pick it up, so tonight I will be using a spare pillow under my arm and Humphrey can go on the spare bed!

Anyway, since then I have made progress and managed to eat my cereal with my right hand. This is a BIG achievement as I’ve not been able to lift a spoon to my mouth for weeks now so its good to be making a step in the right direction. I wasn’t quite brave enough to lift my cup with my right hand though, although I have managed to put on my own socks and put in some hair slides this morning. Maybe soon I will be able to put in a ponytail.

I’m sticking to the exercise programme and I’m happy to report that they are getting easier and less painful every day. 🙂