I finally had my first physio appointment yesterday and it went well. Everything seems to be progressing as it should and I’ve now been given more exercises to add to the three which I was already doing. I discussed my previous surgery with the physiotherapist and the subsequent rotor cuff tear four weeks later and expressed my worries about doing it again. He reassured me that I would be unlikely to do it again having learnt my lesson the first time. So I will be adding the new exercises gradually rather than trying to do everything at once. In addition I can now start leaving my sling off for longer periods while I’m in the house and use my right hand more. This means that I can now make a sandwich, do the washing up and chop vegetables, although again I will be doing these things gradually rather than trying to do everything at once.

I’m also happy to report that this morning I woke up relatively pain-free and was able to do my first exercises before I took my painkillers. The physio stressed the importance of continuing to take these while on the exercise programme rather than trying to do without them – so again I will be doing exactly as I’m told. My next appointment with phyiso is in two weeks so unless there is anything to report this may be the last post for a while, although I may add a few more photos to the Gallery.

Today I will be going out on the bus myself as I need to attend an appointment. I have to do it sooner or later so today is as good a time as any. I will get a taxi back though as the buses will be much busier by the time I finish.

Thank you all again for your support and if anyone reads my book please could you leave a review on Amazon? I left a copy at the physio department at the hospital yesterday and they were very interested. In addition, if anyone reading has experience of this type of surgery that they wish to share, please contact me so that I can add it to the Your Stories page. 🙂