Yesterday was quite busy. My consultant popped to check on me and said everything looked good and he was happy with the X-ray. I had a visit from two of the hospital physiotherapists who came to check I could manage a flight of stairs and understood what exercises I needed to do prior to my first appointment next Friday. One of them showed such an interest in my book that I gave her the proof copy which I’d taken in with me for reference. She said she thought other patients may find it useful so I also gave her a few of the business card type things I’d made with the blog address and details of book on Amazon printed on them to distribute. I’ve ordered more copies of the book so that I can give a copy to my physio on Friday. A lady from Pain Management also came to see that I was happy managing my pain and we discussed reducing the meds over the coming weeks. I’m making it my goal to be off the pain medication by Christmas so that this New Year Steve and I can celebrate with a drink together.

Today has been a real struggle, going to the loo or getting washed takes forever and takes so much energy that it leaves me frustrated and getting dressed also takes twice as long. I can only type using my left hand as apart from my physio exercises four times a day and getting dressed my arm must stay in the sling continually for the first two weeks, so blog updates take me ages. My shoulder is really stiff ands badly bruised – I will try to upload photos tomorrow.