It seems like a while since my last post, I’m finding it painful to use the keyboard for any length of time as the pain is now affecting not only my shoulder but my whole arm including my right hand. This is a bit inconvenient as I am right-handed however i just keep reminding myself that after the right shoulder is replaced I won’t be able to use my right hand very well for some time afterwards so I’m trying to look on this as an opportunity to learn how to do more with my left. The pain is constant during the day but thankfully taking the morphine at night means that at least I get to sleep. It’s not a great sleep as I need to lie on my back, but any sleep is better than none.

I am having my ultrasound this morning so hopefully this will give the consultant a clear picture of exactly what is going on. I may have to wait until my appointment at the end of April before I find out anything, unless the physio can tell me something when I see her in three weeks time. At least I don’t have any pain in my left shoulder, it does get sore but maybe this is something to do with the exercises I need to do or maybe it has something to do with my sleeping position, who knows? All questions to ask the consultant next month I guess.