It’s a lovely day outside, the sun is shining and it makes you want to go outside and DO STUFF. I want to prepare the lunch, put washing on the line, then go outside and spend a couple of hours pottering around in the garden before coming in washing my hair and having a relaxing bath. Unfortunately, what I want to do and what I am able to do are two different things entirely. In reality Steve will put the washing on the line and do the garden while I prepare lunch and maybe bake a pie for the freezer. Later in the day I will attempt to wash my hair but using a hairdryer is out of the question as it’s too painful. I can get into the bath but I will spend the entire time in there worrying about how I will get out again. Pain is ruling my life – every morning I tell myself that I won’t give in but despite my best efforts I have to limit myself to doing small tasks instead of doing the things I actually want to do. But I’m determined that the pain won’t win – everything I do is an achievement.

The link to my blog now appears on the National Joint Registry website under the External Patient Blogs section. It’s a useful website for anyone who has or who plans to have, joint replacements so please forward this to anyone you think may find it interesting.