Since my last update the pain in my right arm has been increasing on a daily basis and whilst I cannot say for certain that the Paingone pen is to blame, I can confirm that it definitely didn’t help,  so it’s been returned under the 30-day money back guarantee.

Sleepless nights are now getting more frequent and I’m getting limited in how much I can do with my right hand. Although the left one is improving I must keep reminding myself that I need to be careful not to overuse it. I am concerned that I’ve been getting pins and needles a lot in my left hand and its something i will need to mention at my next appointment in April.

The ultrasound for my right shoulder is booked for two weeks time so hopefully this will confirm whether or not I have a trapped nerve on that side. In the meantime my GP has prescribed morphine for the pain as I appear to be getting immune to codeine, however before I go down that route I will try increasing my dose of codeine one more time.

All these painkillers mean no alcohol which is not a problem, however I do think it’s time pubs started selling alcohol free wine and beer. If it can be bought in the shops why not in the pub? Pubs are selling a larger range of soft drinks these days but as I’m diabetic I find it hard to find any sugar free options so my choice is usually limited to Diet Coke or water.

On a positive note I did manage to get in and out of the bath at the  weekend – one small step ….