Today is yet another morning when I woke up in agony. The pain in my right arm is constant – over the last couple of days it’s begun to affect the back of my armpit as well as my shoulder, down my arm and up into my neck. I definitely think there is more going on here than just osteoarthritis – maybe when I get the ultrasound scan it will show whether or not I do have a trapped nerve. I don’t think the pain on the left was ever this bad, and the left arm was the worst of the two before the surgery. Even just after the surgery when my left shoulder was painful and stiff I don’t think it was as bad as my right is now – or maybe it’s just something you forget.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could at least find one position to put my arm in at night where it was less painful but unfortunately when my arm is still the pain is worse, so often when I wake up in the night it’s almost impossible to get back to sleep.

I’m reluctant to try the Paingone pen again at the moment – if it was the planting at the weekend which had made my pain worse, then it would be improving by now not getting worse, I just hope I didn’t irritate the nerves by using the pen.

At least now I can get up and have breakfast and painkillers – who knows maybe the postman will bring my ultrasound appointment today.