My left arm is doing well and I have been given permission to ‘sling the sling’ and go back to trying to use my arm as normally as possible. Obviously I need to be careful with some movements and carrying things for a while yet but I’m finally on the right track. It was weird and a bit scary going to work yesterday as the buses were very busy and I purposely carried my lunch in my left hand so that it was not free to grab any poles on the bus. I still need to carry on with physio for some time yet but I need to learn how to use it properly so that it is strong enough to cope when I have the right one done.

I explained to the consultant the problems I am now experiencing with my right arm. Although there is nothing they can do to help with the pain at the moment an ultrasound scan has been ordered to see what is going on in preparation for a second replacement operation later in the year. However, a colleague passed me information about the Paingone pen so I asked his advice about this. I think like myself he is a bit sceptical however at this stage I am willing to try anything so I have sent off for one. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee so I’ve nothing to lose.

In the meantime I just need to get on with things best I can. I’m now back to working my two mornings a week and Steve and I have booked a short break next month as I think we both need it. As we missed our New Year holiday it seems like ages since we had a break so fingers crossed the weather stays fine as we are staying in the UK.