Do you know I’ve now posted over 50 times on this blog, had almost 400 visitors and over 1,500 views. It’s also been just over 12 weeks since my left shoulder replacement and just over 8 weeks since I had surgery to repair the torn tendon – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun 😦

I’m having another bad night, the pain in my right arm is now constant – like toothache stretching up into my neck and down into my fingers. I’m wondering if maybe there is a nerve trapped in my shoulder. Painkillers seem to make no difference and it hurts whether I use the arm or rest it although it does appear to be worse when resting – or trying to, like now at 3am when I should be asleep. I’ll ask the consultant on Wednesday when I see him to see if there is anything which can be done to alleviate the pain until the right shoulder is replaced. If a steroid injection is suggested then I may just have to risk it although I have been advised in the past to avoid these as they may have an effect on my diabetes – tough choice. Because movements are becoming increasingly difficult I’m struggling to dress myself again. I even left my coat on at work the other day, firstly because the office was cold but then l decided that as I was only there until 1pm it was much easier to leave it on rather than struggling to get it on and off when there was no one around to help.

On the plus side I’m now only wearing my sling for bed and when out of the house so maybe I’ll be able to dump it this week.