I returned to work yesterday as planned and the morning whizzed past and it was time to go home before I knew it. I was very careful not to stretch for the phone or use my left arm without thinking so there were no problems. in fact the hardest thing about going back to work was carrying my lunch! Yes really – with my left arm in a sling, my handbag across my body it left my right hand free to carry my lunch. Who would have realised how heavy a bottle of water and a sandwich could be? My right arm is even more useless today, I feel like I’ve been lifting weights rather than my lunch. My right shoulder and the muscle down to my elbow is extremely painful and stiff so I’m going to try to rest today. I’m back to see the physio on Tuesday a week earlier than planned due to a change of appointment by the hospital, but before that I will be in the office again on Monday morning – maybe I won’t bother with any lunch ….