My appointment with the physiotherapist today was encouraging, I spoke to her about my frustrations and feeling that I’m getting nowhere as I don’t seem to have been given enough exercises to do. It will be 7 weeks since my second operation on Thursday and I still cannot fully dress myself – although by week 4 after the first operation I was almost back to normal. She explained that we have had to take the first 6 weeks very slowly but from now I can do a much more varied range of movements and start leaving my sling off for longer periods.

Unfortunately as my right arm is now giving me so much pain I feel that leaving my sling off puts me at risk of over reaching, lifting, carrying etc, with my left arm as that one is causing me no pain. So until I am confident that the left one is strong enough to cope I will be wearing my sling whenever I think I need to – the last thing I want is another small movement causing major damage.

So I plan to go back to work on Thursday – its time I took control of my life back. I realise that I may struggle at first but the sooner i can get back to some sort of normality the better. Sitting around on my arse all day is only making me depressed and giving me sciatica problems. Oddly enough I’m also looking forward to doing the ironing again – yes really – although it will be in short bursts as I need to use my right arm which is the painful one ……. 😦

One step at a time, I will report on any progress as and when it happens. Next appointment with the consultant on 24th February.