It’s almost 3.30am and I’m awake – again, just like I have been for the past three nights. I moved into the spare room over two hours ago but despite all the fidgeting with various pillow configurations I’m still unable to find a comfortable position so I can get some much-needed sleep. Steve has had his sleep disturbed for the last two nights and has work today hence I made the decision to move beds after my last visit to the bathroom.

It’s not my newly replaced shoulder which is keeping me awake, it’s the dreadful aching pain in my RIGHT shoulder which is the problem – that and the fact that Nellie is trying to strangle me!

The consultant said that I can start to increase the amount of time I have during the day without wearing the sling, but I’m almost afraid to leave it off as there is a danger of me instinctively using my left arm instead of my right as it’s the least painful of the two. I don’t know how I can get past this, I want to try to get back to work but how can I possibly use my arms to do four hours at a desk? At the moment I can do the odd hour or so at a time at home but it’s so painful.

I desperately need to have the right one fixed however until I have full confidence in my left arm then how can I even consider it? Will I ever be able to reach out and pick something up without worrying that I may have somehow managed to damage something again?

Tomorrow or should I say today, is a new day and a new month although nothing changes. Without having to go to work myself there is nothing to get up for, unfortunately staying in bed is not an option either as I’m unable to find a comfortable position to catch up on some sleep – and so another long day begins….. đŸ˜¦