It’s time for an update on my current progress, or lack of it as it appears to me. It’s so frustrating having to take things so slowly but I understand the importance of it – which is just as well as Nellie is going to be hanging around for at least another four weeks. That was the bad news.

The good news is that both the consultant and physio agree that everything is progressing as it should and it’s time I did a little bit more. Still unable to wear my jeans though as pulling up is still not allowed with my left arm, so I will just have to put up with jogging bottoms a little while longer. At least I can leave my sling off for short periods while I’m at home but I must keep it on when out of the house – and to take it very carefully when travelling on buses.

I did speak to the consultant today about my original plan (before I had the second surgery) which was to have the right shoulder done in July and he seems to think that this will be possible. My mother thinks I’m a glutton for punishment but she doesn’t know how much it hurts.

I’m back to see physio in two weeks and back to see the consultant in four weeks so I will update you with any progress.

I have put my before and after x-rays in the Gallery so click here to see them.  While you are there please vote on my poll for how best to present the photos. Thanks 🙂