It’s been a week since my last post and I’m getting nowhere – literally. Apart from Steve taking me to work for a couple of hours on a Sunday and doing the usual trip for shopping and hairdresser on a Saturday, the only time I’ve been out is for a couple of hours to the shops with my mam yesterday. Not that I’m particularly bothered, to be honest unless I actually NEED to go out I don’t see the point, it’s too much effort wearing the sling.

I also feel like I’m making no progress whatsoever with my left arm, two exercises three times a day just doesn’t seem enough. I know the consultant said we’d be taking it really slowly but it’s so slow I feel like I’ve stopped, but at least it doesn’t hurt any more – my right arm has taken over that role. It’s now 4 weeks since my second operation and I keep thinking of how things were 4 weeks after the first one – just before I tore the tendon. The improvement was fantastic and I can’t wait to get back to that stage again even if it does take longer.

Next week should be different in that I do have a reason to leave the house for most days. Physio on Tuesday followed by appointment with the consultant on Wednesday so hopefully by this time next week things should be moving again. Watch this space.