I’m fed up, I’ve had a rotten night and consequently I’m feeling very grumpy this morning. To make matters worse I look like a ragamuffin and feel even worse – I’m dying to put on a pair of jeans and a fleece but as I’m unable to put my arm over my head I’m stuck with my checked button up shirts, and as for jeans – well I’m having enough problems pulling up my jogging bottoms with one hand never mind doing up a zip and button as well. Nellie is slowly strangling me and now my ‘good'(?) right shoulder is giving me worse pain than ever – serves me right for trying to cut down my pain medication. If it wasn’t for the fact I’d probably do myself an injury I’d lie on the floor and have a tantrum like a two-year old 😂

Still at least I get out of the house tomorrow when we pick up our shopping then Steve drops me off at the hairdressers – now I just need to find something to do today which doesn’t involve using my arms, or my brain, which also seems to have ceased working normally.