Today I had my first physio appointment (again) and although I will be still wearing the sling for at least another 3 weeks, now I can start to move it. The joint is moving well but the tendon needs to be protected until it has fully healed so for the moment I have been given just a couple of exercises to do three times a day and then I have a return appointment in two weeks, the day before my next appointment with the consultant. So unless there is anything to report (or moan about) it may be a while until my next post. To keep you amused in the meantime I have found an x-ray on the web which looks very similar to mine and included it in the Gallery, along with the most recent photo of my wound – click here if you want to pop over to that page for a look. While you are there I would be grateful if you could vote on the poll for which is the best way to display the photos. Thanks again for your support and please pass this to anyone who you think may be interested 🙂