I’m not very happy at the moment, I feel as though Nellie is slowly suffocating me. I have a strap around my waist (my gastric band) as well as one over my shoulder so wearing it in bed means that my ribs ache when I wake up in the mornings. Sitting around on my arse all day is doing nothing for my back problems so last night I had to sit on a dining chair while watching TV – not at all comfortable – especially as I was unable to rest my arm on a cushion as I usually do.

Steve is back to work tomorrow so have to manage without him – although I will get up at the crack of dawn so that he can help me get dressed. I have an appointment tomorrow so I need to go out – I just hope I can manage to get my coat on. The gastric band isn’t long enough to go around my coat so I will have to leave it off while I’m out.

We went into the office this morning for a couple of hours just to stay on top of things – Steve was a great help, we got loads done so now at least I don’t need to worry about being off sick. I will probably find out on Wednesday just how long I need to be off sick, and how successful the tendon repair has been. To be honest I’m not optimistic of the news being good as it still hurts and it aches like you wouldn’t believe. The dressing is still on too, but that may come off on Wednesday then you can have another lovely picture!