It’s been an odd day, I woke up really stiff and sore – much worse than the first operation, although I guess that the nerve block helped get past the initial stages of pain. We then had over four hours in the car to the West Midlands which was really uncomfortable. I had to sit in the back behind Steve so that I didn’t have the seat belt over my shoulder, it made having a conversation difficult – more so because my voice was very croaky because of yesterday’s general anaesthetic.

The other thing I didn’t realise is that I’d be constantly sliding from side to side so I had to put the arm rest down and wedge myself in with a variety of cushions to minimise any sudden movement of my shoulder. This accompanied by the sling fastened around both my waist and my shoulder, meant it was not the most comfortable journey I’ve ever had. Fortunately we are not travelling back for a couple of days so maybe the pain will have subsided a bit by then.

So we will be having our Christmas lunch tomorrow at the same hotel we’re staying in tonight, I’ll try to get dressed up a bit but to be honest at the moment it’s a struggle to get up and dressed! 😦