After feeling sore and aching on Friday, I woke up feeling much better yesterday. Consequently, I was busy all morning however, when I tried to help change the duvet cover I felt something click and my shoulder has felt odd ever since. I’m not in a great deal of pain however certain movements are now uncomfortable so I had a nap in the afternoon and have had my arm back in the sling ever since.

I had hoped that this morning it would feel ok – unfortunately it still feels ‘odd’. I can no longer reach my arm around my back and it now feel considerably weaker than it did 24 hours ago. My worst fear is that something has moved, so until I can ring physiotherapy tomorrow for some proper advice I’m going back to level 1 exercises and keeping arm in sling more.

I’m so annoyed with myself I can’t tell you – just when things were going so well too.  Might have known it was too good to be true. 😫