Following Saturday’s little ‘accident’, I managed to get to see both my regular physiotherapist and the shoulder specialist physio on Monday afternoon. After some examination I was reassured that I had really good movement in my arm although one particular area was considerably weaker. I was advised that the joint appeared to be OK but that it would be x-rayed just to be certain. If it was tendon damage then this would not show on an x-ray but the consultant would be able to order an ultrasound scan if he thought it necessary.

Later in the day I had a call from the shoulder specialist who said that the consultant had seen the x-ray and although the joint was OK, because of the symptoms I had been experiencing he was ordering an urgent scan.

I got a call this morning and went for the scan this afternoon – unfortunately there does appear to be a tear in one of the tendons so I have been called in to see the consultant tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed it’s something which can be fixed – preferably without surgery.

I’m not a happy bunny – I would say this is a MAJOR SET BACK – I thought things were going just a bit too smoothly.  Should have known better. 😦