I completely underestimated how hard 4 hours ‘general admin would be. Although I have been into the office for a few hours the past two Sundays, I did have my lovely Steve with me to help. Today I had to get there by myself, on two buses, wearing a sling and carrying two bags – this was my first challenge. Although I wore my shoulder bag across my body I still had a bag to carry which I had to drop off in town on my way home. I didn’t realise how hard that would be. At my desk I found myself stretching my left arm to pick up the phone and holding the phone really made my shoulder ache. So mid morning the sling went back on but then I had to stretch across the desk with the other arm, luckily I didn’t get too many calls, but everything then took twice as long.  I’m not back until Monday so I have all weekend to recover – I don’t think if I’d be able to manage a full-time job.