I’ve got a few aches and pains today, mostly aches in the left shoulder and pains in the right. I’m also having some back pain but I believe this is primarily due to sleeping on my back and struggling to get in and out of bed without putting weight on either arm.

Oddly the bone in the top of my left arm is only now beginning to feel sore – over three weeks after the surgery. I’m not sure if this is normal or not or even if it’s something simple like wearing the sling which is causing it.

My neck is once again itching where I had the rash after nerve block was removed and I’m feeling generally anxious and grumpy.  I guess I’m now at the stage where I feel I should be doing more and am getting frustrated when I can’t. It’s not helping that the weather is turning icy so I’m going to be staying indoors unless I absolutely need to go out. I must try to be careful now as a setback is all I need….😠