It’s almost six years since my first operation and I feel like I’m almost back there again as tomorrow I will be having carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

I had a phone call last week offering me the date so I could have said that I needed more time to prepare but no matter how much time I had, I’d have had to prepare regardless, so I said yes. Almost as soon as I ended the call I thought about calling it off. The timing wasn’t great with my mother in hospital and Steve working away until Thursday but I’d managed before with one hand so I started making plans – just like I did six years ago.

Yesterday was so stressful, my mother was discharged from hospital and I was determined to be there for her and get her home safely. As a non driver this caused a few problems but after waiting on the ward for over five hours I finally got her and all her belongings into a taxi.

It was almost 6.30pm by the time I got home, tired, hungry and stressed. Despite an early night I woke at 2.30am and have not been able to get back to sleep since. My neck is itching like hell and I had leg cramps, it was difficult to get settled – so I got up, had cup of tea and did a lateral flow test, which is another thing off my list.

Today I will be busy – preparing medication boxes for both myself and my mother for the next fortnight as well as going through my Hints and Tips to see what else I can do to help myself get through the next couple of weeks. Then I need to get through tomorrow.

Wish me luck……