Today it is the third anniversary of my very first operation – the total replacement of my left shoulder joint.  I can’t believe that the time has gone so quickly, its hard to remember just how difficult things were three years ago – its only when I re-read my blog that I can remember how I struggled with normal day-to-day tasks, like brushing my teeth and lifting a mug.  Today things are a lot different although I will admit that I have not been doing the exercises for my shoulders and as a result of that (and the weather turning colder), I’m finding that I get some pain and aching – especially in the left shoulder where I tore the rotor cuff tendon and had to undergo a second operation.  This shoulder will always be weaker as a result but it’s so much better than it was so I can live with a bit of pain and discomfort.

So now I’d like to share some of my blog statistics with you all.  Since I started it three years ago it has achieved over 20,500 views by over 3,000 visitors in 44 countries all over the world – with over half the views in the United States.  I have also corresponded with dozens of people who have contacted me through my blog, some of who I still keep in touch with.  My books, both kindle and paperback are also selling, much to my surprise – with almost 200 sales to date.

So I feel quite proud that so many people have found this blog useful – I thank everyone who reads it and will alway be happy to answer any questions if you want to contact me directly through the contact page.

Now I’m off to do my exercises ……….. 🙂