I’m feeling so much better today, its amazing what a good sleep can do. I think the lack of sleep over the last few days made the fibromyalgia worse; pain and fatigue from this condition on top of shoulder surgery is not a good mix. In fact I’m not having a great deal of pain from the surgery itself, its sore and stiff but hopefully by this time next week it will be much improved. I don’t plan on taking any morphine tonight – this is only a ‘last resort’ when the fibromyalgia starts keeping me awake every night.

I’ve managed to put earrings in today – three pairs of hoops – as well as my contact lenses and I’ve had visitors and a sleep, small steps I know but at least they are steps in the right direction. Apparently its freezing outside today, I just hope it’s not icy when I go to phyiso on Friday.