I’ve finally been given a surgery date – Friday 21st October – another four weeks to wait, although they will let me know if they can do it any sooner. Now that the date is in sight I’m having a little wobble – because this time I know exactly what is coming and I’m more worried as its my right arm. Will I be able to cope with just my left arm – especially as it’s still sore? Maybe its sore from the previous surgery or sore due to the fibromyalgia which is causing all sorts of problems at the moment. I bought an electric shoulder pad yesterday after reading about it on the fibromyalgia forum and I found it really soothing, I can use this up until the surgery when I will have to resort to the ice pack.

So I feel that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place – I know I must have the surgery on my right shoulder no matter what, it’s getting more painful by the day and now the weight of my arm by my side causes pain so I find that I’m putting it on my left shoulder quite a bit – maybe its time to resurrect Nellie ……….