No that’s not how old I feel – today I am proud to report that my blog has been viewed by visitor number 700, this is amazing – thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this. I am hoping to publish the entire blog as far as end of July into a book which will be free for download so that I may reach a wider audience – watch this space for news of when it is ready.

Secondly, I saw my physio yesterday and expressed my concerns about whether or not the left arm is going to be strong enough to cope when I have surgery on my right, and she gave me some exercises to help with mobility and strengthening. She also reassured me that despite it sometimes being sore, I am doing really well all things considered. My range of movement is very good for a replacement and this had actually slightly improved since my last visit despite just using it normally and not doing any exercises as such.

Because of the increasing problems with my right arm I’m struggling to get myself dressed in the mornings again – hence I feel like I’m on a backward slope. I know that once I get the date for my op I will just have to go ahead regardless of how uncertain I feel about the ability to cope with my left, as the right one is only going to get worse.

Finally, there is another addition to the Your Stories page, Kelcey from the USA shares her experience of shoulder replacement. Click here to view.

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