I decided to convert my entire blog to book format so that I could read it back easier and refresh myself of what to expect in the weeks to come after my next operation. I must confess that I had forgotten just how difficult things had been so now I am trying to prepare myself more this time. I’m very concerned that my left shoulder is still sore but I am trying to build up the strength by doing some gentle exercises until I see the physio for advice in two weeks time. I don’t have a surgery date yet so maybe I have time to make the left arm a bit stronger before I do.

One of my main concerns is pulling up my jogging bottoms after going to the loo using just my left arm. I am finding this difficult enough at the moment with two hands as my right arm is so stiff, painful and heavy. The action of tugging up with just my left arm causes a bit of a worry as I am not sure how much stress this will be putting on my repaired rotor-cuff tendon. So yesterday I did something really out of character – I bought a SKIRT!!!!  Those of you who know me personally will be going – “what, you in a skirt?”  I think the last time I wore a skirt was at school many years ago and my legs never see the light of day unless I am on holiday.  However this is a skirt purely to wear at home in the early days after surgery so that I can manage to go to the loo easier on my own. It will probably find its way to the nearest charity shop once it’s served its purpose 🙂

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