At last, six months after my left shoulder replacement, I feel that I’m moving on, my appointment with the consultant yesterday finally put to rest any worries I’ve had about my left shoulder not being quite right since the operation to repair the torn tendon on Christmas Eve, four weeks after the first operation.

He is very pleased with my range of movement despite putting my exercises ‘on hold’ the past few weeks, my X-rays are fine and although it does feel a bit tight and clicks, this may be as good as its going to get. So I just need to use it normally now and get ready to do it all again with the right shoulder later in the year.

Writing this blog has been really helpful to me, I have made a couple of new friends who have undergone the same surgery and it’s been great to share our experiences. Old friends have supported me along the way with words of encouragement when I was really struggling with my recovery and helped to keep my spirits up and Steve has been there every step of the way despite the grumpy cow making more than one appearance!

So thank you all – if anyone is interested in following the next instalment then please sign up for automatic emails for the next update. Hopefully I will have no further problems and the next entry will be the date for my next operation. 👋👋