I went to my clinic appointment yesterday but unfortunately my consultant was away so I was seen, over an hour and a half late, by one of his team.

She examined me, got me moving my arm in various directions and said that everything seemed to be looking pretty good but would get X-rays to check and do right one at the same time in preparation for the second replacement.

The X-rays seem to show that nothing appears to have moved but the consultant will take a look on his return in case he wants to have it scanned again. She thinks it may be sore because I’m working the tendon which was repaired and to go back to doing exercises gently and try not to be too concerned about it clicking if it’s not painful to move it – which it isn’t. However she also said that as the tendon tissue in that shoulder was very thin, the consultant may be reluctant to operate on it again. So I may just have to put up with it I guess, I’m just pleased I went with the left one first as its been a really good rehearsal for the right one.

On a positive note, the recent scan of my right shoulder showed all tendons are intact so now that X-rays have been done when I go back on 29th June maybe I can go on the waiting list for the op.

I go back to see the physio in two weeks so hopefully by then the soreness will have subsided.