I’m pleased to be home but its so frustrating having to ask for so much help when I’m usually very independent. I’m really struggling to manage with just the right arm, especially as this is also painful and stiff due to the osteoarthritis in that shoulder. On a plus side I’m getting really good at coming down the stairs backwards – something I need to do as the handrail is on the wrong side for coming down. Unfortunately I’m finding the general effort of just managing with one hand really tiring so I’m off for a nap, I will ask Steve to take a picture of my bruised left arm later so check this blog again tomorrow for a peep.

My neck is red and itchy where the nerve block was taped to it – but hopefully that will settle soon.

After today I will only post if there is something to report otherwise this blog will get very boring. Please sign up for email updates if you want to follow my progress. Thank you all x