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Clapping Hands Above HeadSo I guess this is the end of my ‘journey’ – yesterday I had my follow-up appointment with the consultant who was most impressed that I could raise both arms vertically above my head. It felt great to be able to hang the washing on the line last weekend after not being able to do so for about two years.

My x-rays were all fine and there appears to be no explanation as to why my left shoulder still hurts over a year since the surgery. It may be because I had a tendon repaired after four weeks, however the consultant is quite happy that everything is moving as it should, so at this stage no further investigation is necessary. I have a further appointment in six months but other than that it’s just a case of carrying on with the physio.

So I’ll say goodbye, and thank you, to everyone who has followed me through both shoulder replacements. If you are about to have surgery yourself and have any questions or would just like to contact someone who has been there – please do use the Contact Me form and drop me a line.