Well here we go again, I need to check into the ward by 7.30am so just a few things to do before I leave – I only wish that having a strong coffee and a bacon sarnie was one of them! I’ve had to fast since midnight and I’ve had the WORST night this week – not helped by the fact that Steve was involved in a road traffic accident on his way home from work last night. Fortunately he is OK, which is more than can be said for the car which they say is probably a write off. I slept really badly, with a new thing to worry about now as well as being unable to get comfortable lying in any position.

So part of me is wondering whether or not to postpone so that I can be here in case anything happens to Steve while I’m away and the other part wants to carry on and see if it happens today. I just hope that if it is going to happen today I’m one of the first on the list.

Watch this space …..